Victor Arroyo ValleVictor Arroyo Valle is currently working at Nordea as the head of engineering system, in the banking technology department. At Contribyte’s seminar, Victor will give a speech about the tools that are important in the future’s product development. The topic of Victor’s speech is going to be ScienceOps, as he calls it. For him, it means applying scientific methods to the area of DevOps.

I believe that using scientific methods in managing different data allows applying for example psychology or artificial intelligence into the data. What I want to present in the seminar is the application of scientific knowledge in DevOps, Victor describes.

Science at work

At Victor’s current job in Nordea they use 10-15% of their time trying to bring science into their work in the banking world.

We are writing scientific papers, using artificial intelligence and bringing mathematicians into the company, so that they can study our numbers and analyze different correlations, tells Victor.

Victor describes how artificial intelligence allows them to look into more data at once and to find non-obvious correlations in the data.

This is what we are learning the most!

According to Victor, the company has a lot of data, lots of numbers and things that might look random, but with artificial intelligence it will start to make sense.

– Artificial intelligence is the buzz word right now. We are using AI to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves, Victor explains.

The tools of the future

When making decisions about company’s new tools, the real question is, where can a human add value?

We are trying to move people into an area where having a human working can really make a difference, and move them away from simple repetitive tasks that can easily be given to a machine, Victor explains.

The main message of Victor’s speech is that science has resolved many of the problems that we are trying to resolve. That’s why it is so important to apply scientific methods also in DevOps and product development.

In addition to creative application of science, Victor thinks that having a good vision and a good culture is essential for a company’s success.

A good vision is knowing exactly where you want to be now and in the future. Good culture means having great people who understand the vision and are ready to work for it.


Thanks for the tip, Victor! To hear more of Victor’s ideas, come to listen his speech the 10th of January at Uusi Seurahuone in Oulu!

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