These days, Product Management is one of the most interdisciplinary areas of any organization. A modern-day Product Manager needs to combine the mind of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat.

Product Manager’s primary goal is to deliver business value. Being in charge of a single product is a challenging job. When there’s an entire portfolio of products to be managed, that is to deliver value, the task gets even more complicated.

The many programs, frameworks and tools that an organization uses sets another challenge. BigPicture supports Agile (SAFe®, LeSS, and more), Classic, and Hybrid methodologies, which makes it a go-to solution for organizations undergoing agile transformation.

BigPicture allows e.g. to plan and manage initiatives, lead teams and set priorities, track progress and workload and, detect risks. BigPicture entails multi-tool support, portfolio view, and flexibility for configurations.

Even if this ”jedi-tool-of-product-management” isn’t the one for your organization, the usage examples enlighten and you get a vantage point view of what you should look into and manage.

Here’s an informative video about BigPicture.

In the presentation at Tulevaisuuden tuotekehitys, Marek Lewandowski, BigPicture Implementation Consultant, explains how a combination of Jira and BigPicture – the leading PPM system in the Atlassian ecosystem – support Product Managers in their everyday struggle to deliver value at scale.

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P.S. Note that most of the presentations are in Finnish.

Marek Lewandowski

Marek Lewandowski

BigPicture Implementation Consultant

Marek is a top consultant and trainer, with an impressive knowledge of the BigPicture suite of apps and plenty of experience in advising clients on best practices for configuration and usage of digital management tools. He has 4 years of solid background in risk and change management and a sound understanding of how advanced technology can be leveraged for success in business.

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