Future of Product Development 2017

18th May 2017
Helsinki, Korjaamo

Future of Product Development 2017 – Thank You for all the participants!

With 2017 event we wanted to break silos and introduce new ideas for product development professionals all around the organization. We offered participants a deep dive into social media, app business and HW & SW development working together. Our goal was to improve the holistic understanding of product development – the sum of which is much more than just sum of business, technology and processes – and accoring to the participants we did a good job.

Next we will start planning the 2018 event. If you want to give your opinion on place or suggest a speaker or you have any other feedback for us, please contant us with feedback form on bottom of the page.

Keynote – Mark Gallagher

Formula One Executive, Author of Business of Winning

With three decades experience in international motorsport, including senior roles with the Jordan and Red Bull Racing Formula One™ teams as well as running Cosworth’s F1 Business unit, Mark has worked with many of the sports leading figures and developed a unique insight into the way they operate. He has also developed a wide range of business interests in the sport, including creating a championship winning racing team.

In the Future of Product Development -event, Mark brought learnings and insights from the world where speed and agility are the only way to success. Learnings from Mark were something all the product development organizations all around the world needs.

You can watch the much appreciated keynote by Mark in our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Contribyte/videos/10155386891251474/

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Future of Product Development (Tulevaisuuden Tuotekehitys) is a concept created by Contribyte. This event is organized by Contribyte, company specialized on helping organizations with product development. To create an amazing event every year, there are other sponsors to the event.



The Future of Product Development will be back again in 2018!

Ota yhteyttä!


Tulevaisuuden Tuotekehitys - yhteydenotto

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